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_3034931Bill and Kathy Baker formed Cube Mountain Products in 1969 as a means to improve the family property, a 600-acre hillside farm in Orford, New Hampshire.

The forests on the farm had not been maintained for many years, but with the help of a very knowledgeable local forester they embarked on a plan to improve the vast timber resources and market products from it.

The land was well-suited to raising balsam trees, and that was the basis for a Christmas tree and wreath business. A natural progression from Christmas products was the development of the fresh and dried-flower business, which enabled the Bakers to offer products throughout the year.

These days the farm is managed by Kathy with the help of her three sons and their families. The boys all work away from the farm during the week and are around on weekends and holidays to lend their experience and assistance. Kathy directs the balsam wreath and dried-flower wreath and arrangement business as Cube Mountain Products.

All of products from the Cube Mountain farm are produced naturally, without the use of harmful chemicals or additives. The materials for wreaths and arrangements are grown on the premises by Kathy Baker, and created by her and her staff of local artisans.

Cube Mountain Products offers some of the most unique decorative products available today and these various items can be made to order and tailored to meet the customer’s specific taste and quantity requirements.